How DOES it work?

In our Kit La French Baguette, you will find:

  • 2 bags of ingredients: yeast and 100% French flour

  • A spoon made of authentic wood to dose the perfect quantity of salt for a yummy dough

  • A magical recipe that will guide you in the making of your traditional baguette

  • A cardboard mould adequate to the oven

  • A Vichy printed bread basket for a “ Made in France ” tasting

  • A postcard to share the French Baguette experience with your most gourmet friends!

To make the perfect French Baguette, you only have to follow our magical recipe !

Stay tuned, new recipes will complete this first kit for the happiness of your taste buds...

You are a professional and you are intersted in our product, know that we can completely customize the packaging of the French Baguette in your image!